Hanseong Jo

M.S. Candidate 






– 2016 – present, M.S., School of Information and Communications 

                                    at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)

– 2012 – 2016, B.S. Electronics and Communications Engineering 

                                    at Hanyang ERICA university


Research Interests

  • Physical-layer security



Project Experience

  • "무선방해신호 및 탐지에 대응하는 PHY/MAC-NETWORK 기반 기술 연구 (PHY/MAC-NETWORK Technologies Against Jamming Attack and Eavesdropping)", 국제공동연구 (with University of Adelaide), 국방과학연구소 (ADD), 2014.09. – 2017.09., ₩ 400,000,000 [LINK]

  • "스마트미터의 무선 보안 전송 방식 연구", 기초전력연구원, 2015.10. – 2017.09., ₩ 144,000,000 [LINK]




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