JinYoung Lee

M.S. Candidate 






– 2016 – present, M.S., School of Information and Communications 

                                    at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)

– 2010 – 2016, B.S. Electronics and Communications Engineering 

                                    at Kwangwoon University


Research Interests

  •  Machine Type Communications

    •  Random Access
    •  Cellular IoT


Project Experience

  • "기후 변화 대응을 위한 Smart Sensor 기반의 환경정보 처리 인공지능 기술 개발: 이동형 IoT 기반 기후변화 정보 전송/저장 네트워크 기술 개발", GIST 기후변화 대응 기술 개발과제, GIST, 2017.02. – 2018.12., ₩ 640,000,000 [LINK]

  • "살아있는 에너지 (Living Energy): 스마트 에너지를 위한 분산-지능 관리 및 제어", GIST 창조적 도전과제, GIST, 2016.01. – 2017.12., ₩ 750,000,000 [LINK]




  1. Kyungjun Lee, Jin Young Lee, Jinho Choi, "Standards of smart meter", submitted to the Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers, 30, May, 2017





    1. Jin Young Lee, Hyunjong Noh, Kyungjun Lee, Jinho Choi, "Comparison of one-shot and handshaking systems for MTC in 5G", accepted to Proc. IEEE VTC 2018 spring, Porto, Portugal, June, 2018.

    2. Jin Young Lee, Kyungjun Lee, Jinho Choi, "Compressive random access using distance based resource block selection scheme for machine type communications", 2017 IEEE 18th International Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications (SPAWC), Sapporo, Japan, 2017.

    3. Jin Young Lee, Kyungjun Lee, Hyunjong No, Jinho Choi, "A delay analysis of NB-IoT", in Proc. Symposium of the Korean Institute of communications and Information Sciences, May, 2017.

    4. Kyungjun Lee, Jin Young Lee, Nam Yul Yu, Jinho Choi, "A GPU Implementation of compressive sensing based multiuser channel estimation", in Proc. Symposium of the Korean Institute of communications and Information Sciences, Jeju, S.Korea, June, 2016.